Mirror mirror on the floor…


I lied to SA Succubus this morning. She wanted to know how the balcony sex was this past weekend. Somehow, to my mind, sex still equal penetrative sex. I blame my puritanical upbringing for that. Sex could really be anything that involves two naked – or not so naked – consenting people. This includes blow jobs and hand jobs, both of which happened on my balcony Saturday night.

It wasn’t my first time having a go at balcony sex. I’ve done it before. It was his, though. Oy. He’s so damn conservative, but I shall break him in!

Yesterday me and Victor had a go at something very new: we did it in front of the mirror! WOW. WOW. WOW. WOW. WOW.

Sorry, I almost got carried away! I’m rather chubby, so didn’t think it will look very hot, watching myself in the mirror. I wasn’t expecting anything; just two people … er … fucking.

It was beautiful. Really, it was. I found a new appreciation for my body. Normally I look into the mirror and see an unshapely 25-year-old girl; yesterday I looked into the mirror and saw a fabulous, sexy 25-year-old with a great body. Fine, I saw myself, and I thought: “Hmmm, not too shabby, doll.”

Never mind how it turned me on looking at us… Good lord, it turns me on now, just thinking about it. Eish, I should stop.

I should have done this looooong ago. It almost feel as though you’re watching someone else. This “technique” should not be used every single time … I will use it rather sparingly and supplement it with some more tips from my little book of sexual advice I picked up at the recent Exclusive Books sale.


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