The look I want to get


I would love to dress like this! I saw it in The New York Times. The outfit on the left is absolutely stunning, even the shoes, though I wouldn’t really wear such shoes. I far prefer strappy, high-heeled sandals.

The article I saw this in, mentions that it’s a very bland look; I have to disagree. Perhaps it is because I come from a semi-working class family, but this is how I would like to dress at least every other day. High heel, full skirts, tiny tops, a hat, vintage handbag… the works.

This look is just not done in Cape Town. I don’t see people wearing high heels, ever. Kitten heels, yes, but not actual high heels. Fuck. Why? Why? Why? Why?


5 Responses to “The look I want to get”

  1. Lee Says:

    Grrrrr. The problem is we do not know what you look like…

    Oneday I hope I know who this blogger is and what she looks like… Womder if you can live up to what is in my head 😉

  2. callith Says:

    I’ve got big hips, smallish shoulders, typical pear-figure. But I’ve still got a small build.

    Ask SA Succubus, I’m pwetty. She calls me *boooootiful ledi!* Or, is that one of my other fans, I wonder??? LOL

    I’m no supermodel, Lee. Just a normal girl… I think.

  3. Lee Says:

    Send me a pic and ill tell you 😉

    Personally I never like the model types. The normal/girl next-door look is always best and also it shows your not fake. I think most Men see these women plastered in makeup and all these fake nails and things and just see a one-night-stand. Its the ones who can pull it off without all the fakeness (Is it a word?) that are the keepers.

  4. Elle Says:

    Love the outfit on the right. Also love the heels on the left, as well. I love high heels too and don’t seem to see many who wear proper hells, except for the thin ones that get stuck in pavement cracks.

  5. callith Says:

    @ Elle: I pray to high heels. There’s nothing else we need besides high heels. Fine, then, there’s some other stuff… like .. um … more high heels?

    @ Lee: I also prefer girls with some flesh. Skinny girls scare me. No offense, anyone. But that’s just me. Oh, and feel free to make words up as you go along!

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