I want to touch


Fuck. Steve Jobs is da man. I just now read on IOL about the new iTouch. I then did a search for other news on the iTouch on the interwebs, but only found the same regurgitated press releases.

I’ve been traipsing to my local Incredible Connections store for the last couple of weeks, admiring the sleek iTouch, touching it, prodding it, fingering it. LOL. I’m disgusting.

I have fallen in love! Besides the astronomical price tag, I was also put off by the memory storage: a measly 16GB for the upper-end model, and a pathetic 8GB on the smaller model. My current iPod is the standard 30GB video and I have almost run out of space. Another 6GB and I’m screwed. And I have less than 3000 songs on it… I blame the porn…

So now we’re waiting on the superb 32GB Jobsian wonder to arrive in Efrika. But who would be able to afford it at $499?? Or rather, I’m sure they’ll push up the price just ever so slightly to “accommodate” us Efrikans. Just slightly, hey?


5 Responses to “I want to touch”

  1. joller Says:

    Go get yourself one, without hesitation…it’s the best iPod ever. But on a purely technical note…it’s not called “iTouch”, it’s iPod touch. The 32gv model will retail for about R5,000 in SA.

  2. callith Says:


    I’ll have to hesitate ever so slightly. My laptop was only 6.3k

    I’d much rather buy a nice diamond for that price. Something that’s an asset.


  3. Lee Says:

    Stuff the iphone. If i was you I would wait awhile for the new versions to come out.

    I was reading the otherday that the new PSP Lite has a update where you can now get Skype on it… So free calls and it turns it into a phone 😛 plus cheaper calls to non skype users… I know its not the same but I wanted to tell someone…

    Keep your ipod and get a new phone… or keep your old one.

  4. Goblin Says:

    They’re really really cool, but the thought of trying to keep that screen clean really makes me shudder.

  5. callith Says:

    I agree Goblin. But they’re just too expensive, methinks.

    I’d love a PSP, though. Toby had one when it first came out…

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