My thoughts on prostitutes and prostitution


While lying in bed on Sunday morning, I read about a sex worker who got dismissed from the parlour she used to work at, who is now taking the case to the CCMA.

This article appeared on page five of the Sunday Times.

If only she had a better case, she might make SA history at the CCMA (insert link to CCMA). Her case is not water tight. She was a bad worker, or so it seems from the article. But if she wins (though it is unlikely) she may cause a precedent and all of us may need to rethink our attitude towards prostitution. Fuck. Methinks we all need to rethink our attitude towards prostitution in any event. Not just because she might win…

As many of you can imagine, I don’t have a problem with prostitution. Or with porn. Hell, I love certain types of porn! Just please don’t show me pictures of girls with big, cheesy smiles on their faces after they got ejaculated on – in their faces. That I don’t buy. Prostitutes are just trying to get by. Provide for themselves, provide for their families, put themselves through college and buy some nice Jimmy’s. The image of the glamour prostitute is a far cry from the reality. Yes, there are some pretty girls, but they work long hours, and often for no reward.

So anyway. Back to Kylie. She was a prostitute for 22 years and disliked giving blowjobs, was selective in her choice of clients, used drugs on the premises and spent too much time with her boyfriend in her room. The owner then asked her to “…find alternative accommodation.” She took the case to the CCMA but they declined to assist her because prostitution is illegal. A certain Jennifer Williams from the Women’s Legal Centre mentions that excluding sex workers from being protected by the Labour Relations Act discriminates against women. I’m sure she meant to say it discriminates against sex workers of both genders; there are also many male sex workers. But I do agree with her.

Kylie took the case to the High Court and their decision should be heard later this week.

Of course, most of us have also heard of George Lekgetho’s statement that we should decriminalize prostitution, though his reasoning is slightly skewed. Just ever so slightly, because he thinks doing so will result in fewer rapes. I don’t really think it will achieve that, and even if it does, it should not be the only reason we decriminalize prostitution. Women are being raped for different reasons and not just because someone hasn’t had any in a while. Why then would someone rape a granny or a baby?

I read another opinion in the Weekender – it’s one of those no – name commentors – from someone who reckons the decriminalization of prostitution will not result in more prostitutes. Ha! I beg to differ. I think more girls will want to become a prostitute for that very reason. The money could be excellent, you will have proper working conditions, and you could do it on the side, very Belle du jour – like. Hell, I might even be up for it again.

But I’ll probably end up like Kylie, who decided who she’ll shag and lose my job. And what if Victor (or any of my exes) walks in? But I think it’ll say something about both of us: I’m willing to work as a prostitute, and he is willing to pay for one. Perfect couple, methinks.


2 Responses to “My thoughts on prostitutes and prostitution”

  1. Lee Says:

    Now i have something else to fight for… Rights for Sex Workers…

    I think she should have been fired if everything that was said was true…

    And also… I never knew they even made girls who do not give BJ’s anymore…. They still exist?!

  2. callith Says:

    Oh, I absolutely agree. She was really not a great worker… LOL

    ROFL @ ” … I never knew they even made girls who do not give BJ’s anymore…”

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