I’m becoming slightly paranoid


Because I’m a paranoid woman, I went to Clicks to get a pregnancy test. A small part (fine, a rather big part) of me wanted to be preggies. I think I’m just slightly jealous over The Kid. He’s adorable!

So of course I want my own little Kiddie. Never mind that we’ve been very careful when we’re having sex, there’s this little voice in my head that tells me it might be possible. My breasts were sore and very sensitive for a couple of days; I was insanely tired since Wednesday; I’ve been very broody for the last couple of months…

So I decide to give it a shot. I go to the pharmacist and ask for a pregnancy test. He tells me where to find one, and I walk to that particular aisle, trying to locate the pregnancy tests. It takes me a while, but eventually I succeed, by which time I find him standing next to me. He asks: “Do you know Victor?”

Fark. I freaked out, just so very lightly, very slightly. “Excuse me?” I ask him. He repeats his question. My mind is racing, I wonder if he reads my blog, and somehow managed to find out who I am. Did he Google my blog’s URL and find my picture when he clicked on images? I look nothing like my avatar… Did he trace my IP? Is this just a coincidence? Fark. Of course, I am mistaken. Right? He couldn’t possibly be one of my readers. He’s a very old man, for fark sake!! Eeew.

It turns out that this Victor is a colleague of his. Well, actually, I wasn’t really listening to his explanation, so I could be wrong. And of course I look like his girlfriend. Now, as far as I know, Victor’s dad is a part-time lecturer. Not a pharmacist, and especially not in my small town!

I think I need to be more careful regardless. This is a small place. I’m sure there aren’t too many bloggers out there who fit my description. I should also just chillax. Eish, this is a recurring theme in my posts!!

So I went home with the pregnancy test, and I actually paid for it! Lol. I even bought myself a little treat, just in case I was not pregnant and needed something to stifle the tears.

I tested myself just before I left for work yesterday. I’m not preggies. Darn.


One Response to “I’m becoming slightly paranoid”

  1. Lee Says:

    Well… oneday and on that day you will be so happy and scared… Then you will go out and buy another 2 tests just to “make sure”.

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