My naughty V’s day outfit


Well, I promised photos, right? Here they are!


12 Responses to “My naughty V’s day outfit”

  1. Goblin Says:

    Hahaha very cool!

  2. Leigh-Anne Says:


    I have no words.

    Just… Wow.

  3. callith Says:

    You like? LOL

    He’s a lucky boy, this Victor, hey?

  4. Goblin Says:

    I was expecting the whole tight little uniform. This should be a much more interesting experience for him

  5. callith Says:

    Yeah, exactly. Tight uniforms are so last century.. LOL

    What are you doing for your man, Goblin?

  6. Goblin Says:

    I have absolutely no idea 😛 It’s a massive world of confusion!

  7. Lee Says:

    Are these aiming signs?

    SO tell me… What was he like when he got a look?

  8. callith Says:

    Aiming signs? Ha ha ha And I thought *I* had a dirty mind…

    No, I’m leaving them for V’s day. I hope he’ll appreciate it…

  9. Lee Says:

    I’m sure he will. Do you think it will all stay on that long to get fully appreciated?

  10. callith Says:

    i certainly hope it will stay up!

  11. Lee Says:

    lol. Your pics are not all working by the way.

    I dont think you will have any problems in that department… I think it will be the “Can we do it again…” that will be the problem you will have to live up too.

  12. callith Says:

    It’s working now!

    thanks, Lee.

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