In which I justify some things


I paid a visit to my parents recently. They were pleased to see me, I think. I don’t see them very often; only ever couple of months or so. Now, the previous time I paid them a visit (dodgy grammar, I’m so sorry), I had Victor with me. We were in the area; why not go visit them?

He spoke Afrikaans to them, even though he is very much English. I thought it was sweet of him; never mind that he speaks Afrikaans very often, almost on a daily basis. I don’t have any difficulty understanding him – bar his dodgy grammar and his reluctance to use the Afrikaans double negative! – so I didn’t think they would have.

Even more surprising was when I noticed him quietly chatting to my mother just before we left an hour later. We didn’t stay long; it was almost dark and we still wanted some hanky panky during the daylight hours…

So, yesterday, I had a chance to speak to my ma-goed. I asked her what’s her – admittedly very brief – opinion on Victor. She couldn’t really say anything and declined to comment. (Ha! I make her sound like a celebrity!)

My sister finally said what was on my mom’s mind: he mumbles when he speaks. Now, this isn’t such a big deal to me; I also mumble. Ek praat binnensmonds. And I’m far worse than him, actually. They’re used to me; they’re not used to him yet, which is why they find it difficult to understand him, methinks.

But I’m sure that’s not the only reason they’re not too keen on poor Victor. I’m just too scared to ask.

But. And this is a rather big but. My paternal grandparents weren’t too keen on my stepdad when he was courting my mom and even when they were already married for a couple of years.

They kept gossiping  about how very stupid and very Bushman-like he is! Well, dear reader, my parents have been married for over 20 years. So parents are not always right. Or are they? As long as I’m happy with him …

  • He reads
  • He thinks I’m amazing
  • He can cook – even if it’s only bean curries and bunny chows thus far…
  • He can talk about just any subject with authority
  • I think he is gorgeous
  • We’re sexually compatible … mostly
  • He makes me feel valued and feminine and clever and treasured
  • He isn’t a pauper

Nuff said!


2 Responses to “In which I justify some things”

  1. Goblin Says:

    Yeah baby! It’s ALL about if you’re happy.

  2. i’d sell my soul for a man that can make a good bunny! you are soooo lucky!

    P.S – since you were among the first to respond to and comment on my post (

    I hereby tag you to do the same thing.

    tell me 50 things about you.

    then let me know when you’ve done them…

    cant wait to read ’em!

    P.P.S: let’s be facebook friends.
    email me on – let’s hook this shit up girl!

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