I am in debt


Asanda started to talk to me on gchat yesterday. I was shocked, almost. She never talks to me these days, not after what happened some months ago. In early February last year, she offered me a place to stay, until I’m back on my feet. I was really down and out back then. She used to (could still be, I don’t know) stay in a one-bedroom flat in town, but it had ample space for two, even three people.

So I moved in with Asanda and her brother. Her brother didn’t stay there long; he really just came to Cape Town to try and find employment and left a couple of weeks later. Three months later, I move out into my new apartment, where I am still staying today. By that time, however, our friendship had taken a sound knocking. Staying together does something to one. Even though she was hardly there, I’m sure she felt as though she has to baby-sit me. It was that and the money issue.

We didn’t exactly agree on any monthly payment but when I moved out she wanted to me to pay her R1200 a month for every month I stayed there. Impossible, especially because I would be paying rent in a new place. Our old agreement was that I keep the place clean and buy whatever I need to do so.

I moved out in early May 2007 and I saw her once after that. I bumped into her at the Waterfront one evening and that was the extent of it.

We used to talk on gchat sometimes, but not very often. She was distant, withdrawn and would never initiate a conversation.

Once, in September, she phoned me to tell me she quit her job and her old position is vacant. I phoned the owner of the company, but it was filled that very morning. I knew Asanda could not have known and moved swiftly along.

Our contact was minimal during the last couple of months. I once invited her to have coffee with me but she cancelled on me the day before we were supposed to meet. I eventually gave up, bemoaning my sorry lot to Victor.

So imagine my surprise when she starts to talk to me yesterday. She even offered me a ticket to the Spier Poetry thingy on Saturday. The only condition was that I attend one of the Spier satellite events.

Of course I went! It was great seeing her again, albeit a little awkward. I don’t think we’ll ever really regain our easy banter and conversations about our future novels and appearances on Oprah… not that she liked Oprah anyway.

In a way, our friendship, which was really only starting to blossom back in Feb 2007, died a slow death. I can’t blame her for it, as much as she can’t blame me for it.

All I know is that last night’s Poetry event was awful, and that I owe her a tremendous debt, which I will repay not in money, but if ever she needs my help or a favour, she’ll get it.


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