Of worthy goals and lofty beginnings


It struck me just now: I only have this very moment. I don’t have the past; I don’t have the future; all I have is this very fleeting now.

Fuck. I sound like a bloody hippie, and if you’re a fan of South Park, you would know that hippies are evil. Anyway. So. This means I should do as many nice things as I can possibly think of, and not go to bed as early as I do. I don’t do nearly enough for myself.

I need to read more, I need to go to more art exhibitions (I missed a book launch last night. drat!) and book launches, meet more people,  enjoy life more, damn it! Yes, I do these things regardless but so very often, I live for the weekend, or for the next day, or the next hour. Would I not enjoy myself a bit more if I could enjoy (most of) everyday/hour/minute?

Is this a worthy goal even?


4 Responses to “Of worthy goals and lofty beginnings”

  1. Yes, I think it’s definitely a worthy goal, I think we are all wishing our life away! Occasionally I think I’m just going to try and enjoy everything as it comes and whatever, and it’s REALLY hard! 😦

  2. Goblin Says:

    A completely worthy goal.
    The problem really comes in with our invention of time and putting so importance on the meaning of time.

    There is no now, by the time you think it’s now it’s already the past and the future has already arrived. 😉

  3. callith Says:

    So true, Goblin. Oy. What are we to do??

  4. thecitythatday Says:

    I totally agree with this goal. 🙂
    I’m constantly wishing away the days til the weekend or thinking that I’ll start a particular goal when I have more money, when I’m less tired, when I win the lottery, when I get a payrise, etc…
    I turn down a night out with friends to go to bed early and sometimes I lie in bed and realise that once I go to sleep, I’ll never be able to live that night again.
    I know it sounds really depressing, but I’ve started to think of life as a terminal illness in the sense that I know I’ll value every moment now.. and I do. 🙂

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