The about me post


I used to be a cat lady but I gave my two kitties away early last year. I like to believe they’re still alive somewhere, and that they did not land up at the S.P.C.A.

I live alone in a cute little apartment in Cape Town. I moved out on my own at the rather tender age of 20.5 and told myself I will make it. Ha! I struggled a LOT, but it’s finally paying off now, at the ripe old age of 25.5

Toby and I were together on and off, on and off, for a very long time. We were just kids; we didn’t know what we had in each other and/or what we were doing. It was fun, but it was mostly a lot of admin; young people shouldn’t have that much admin. They should be having fun, damn it!

I was on the injection for a LOONG time. I think it really messed up my body; every couple of months, I get a lump in my breast. Very painful, it was. Is, because I think it’s back now.

My favourite activity is not having sex. Surprise, surprise! It’s actually reading. Books are my first love. I need to be surrounded by beautiful things, and, to me, books are it.

That said, I do like having sex, but I can’t do soulless sex. I need to be able to connect with someone, otherwise it’s really shit.

I love buying shoes! Very, very, very much. I have some really cooky shoes. My shoes complete me. But I don’t believe in spending more than R200 on a pair of shoes, which is why Shoe HQ is my favourite place in the whole, wide world.

I’m chubby, which I think is even worse than being fat. Hmmm. Perhaps I should just own up to the fact that I am fat, finish en klaar. I’m 5″4 and weigh 65kilos. Eish. I used to be so much skinnier. And people tell me so regularly. I claim that I’m living La Dolce Vita! And perhaps I am. It must just stay that way.

I have, what some white people will call, an exotic look. I share features with – shock, gasp, horror – Thandie Newton and Jo-Anne Strauss. I look like their fat, very evil twin. Honestly.

Because I’m a loner, I’m a blogger. No, that sounds wrong. Because I’m a blogger, I’m a loner. No, fuck it. I’m a loner. Is that ok? Fine. Good. Excellent. I’ve always been one, perhaps because I was an only child for quite some time.

I have conversations in my head. Not just the normal talking to oneself conversations. No, sir. I have full-blown conversations with re-enactments of actual scenes, or a visualization of possible scenes. It’ll often involve someone I’m trying to impress (Victor, at the moment) and one of my friends or a hip acquaintance like for example Craig Native.

I’m just slightly cuckoo. And it’s only because I’ve learnt to embrace myself for who I really am: cuckoo. And I mean this in the best sense possible. So many times, you meet someone who thinks you’re OTT, but they’re actually as OTT in other areas of their life, they just do not realise it. Toby was like that. And then I rubbed off on him a little. These days, he’s as random as any other Capetonian. Or more so! And it’s all thanks to me. I feel proud!

Oh. Last but not least. I turn straight men gay. But more about that some other day.


9 Responses to “The about me post”

  1. Lee Says:

    Jesus, do you think maybe we have some sort of Internet bug or something? It seems like every blogger i talk too seems to say these things… Maybe its looking at a screen all day does something to your mind… shit.

    I do most these things, Just yesterday I was out walking and going through some argument I had in the past with someone, when I flung my arms out and growled (I don’t normally growl, I just did this time) and this guy rode past on a bike and shouted “You nutter” (Crazy person in British speak).

    I also love reading, but wish I could do it much more.

    Anyway, your normal… Just a normal Blogger that’s all… Does that make you feel better?

  2. callith Says:

    OMG, Lee!! Really? You do the same?

    Yeah, reading is great. And yes, this makes me feel a bit more sane. I’m a loner, you see? But I finally found a group of people who are pretty like-minded: bloggers.

    Thank Dog.

    LOL @ “I don’t normally growl, I just did this time”

  3. Lee Says:

    The thing I hate is when I go through arguments that I “may” have oneday… But then I really get mad and want the argument there and then… It sometimes pisses me off for the rest of the day.

    I also wish that I could somehow get all this crap I wish to blog about out of my head… I always sit there thinking “That’s a good idea” but then cant put it into words(As you can see my grammar is extremely bad, and spelling).

    I need some sort of Blogging-mind-meld type of device…. hummm…

  4. Goblin Says:

    I think I should stop reading you now if you call that weight at that height fat šŸ˜›

    I’m with you on the shoes though, love love love them. Except, if I had the money, I would spend the thousands of rands required for Jimmy Choos. I think I may be sick.

  5. callith Says:

    LOL @ Goblin

    Oh sweetie! I used to weigh 56-58kilo’s. I no longer feel comfortable in my body. I still wear a size 34/36 but I’d just like to be smaller again…

    Jimmy Choo is opening in the V&A next month… oh fuck… I’ll certainly spend money on that, even if I have to move to Langa for 2/3 months @ R500 rent a month!!!

    Lee: I carry a notebook with me wherever I go. And a pen! I don’t always use all the ideas I get, but sometimes I get some crazy ideas for the novel I want to start. Emphasis on start, please!

    And sometimes I think of what to blog about, though that doesn’t happen too often.

  6. Goblin Says:

    Hahaha, live in Langa with just your Jimmy Choos as your only possessions? *Imagines a chick doing this* šŸ˜€

  7. callith Says:


    That’ll be funny. I don’t know if I’m really that brave…

  8. brunette Says:

    Loved your post… but I did a calulation on your Body Mass Index and you’re at 24 – still within the Normal Healthy Weight range!

    Definitely NOT fat. xx

  9. callith Says:

    Hey, Brunette!

    Thanks, love. But I don’t have anything to wear these days… nothing fits me anymore.

    I am even considering walking to work. It’ll be a good 45 minute walk every morning… and it’ll save me (not much) money.


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