He’s a big boy


This post is not meant to be read by men. You may recoil in disgust; you may feel offended; you may feel slightly insecure, and that is something I would not wish upon you. No, I’m not a hate-spewing misogynist, I actually really like men. I don’t even call them penis creatures, like some of my friends do. Fine, then, I do sometimes, on the rather rare occasion, call them such names, but I make up for it by my intense love of all penis creatures. Oops, I didn’t mean to, I swear!

Anyway. I am a self-confessed SATC addict. There is one episode in particular that I have been watching non-stop for a couple of weeks: Ex and the City. This is where Samantha hooks up with a very well-endowed gentleman. And decides he’s too much to handle. Why do I mention this? Well, Victor is rather… um .. well-endowed. So much so that it is sometimes difficult to have sex. Now, we have not had much sex. Sometimes it’s rather nice not to, and just to cuddle. Eish, we must be getting old, hey?

I’ve never been with anyone as big as him. It doesn’t hurt, so that’s not what is makes me uncomfortable. It’s just that there is so much of it! And most positions do not do much for me… this is sad. Most of my normal positions that I like, do nothing for him.

I was trawling the internet as much as I could these last two weeks, just to find anything that’ll give me some ideas on how to handle his … um, goods. There is really not much, hey? But then again, I’m mostly at work when I access the interwebs. Perhaps I should use his laptop next time and try to find something.

But that’ll mean he’ll know that I’m slightly intimidated by his goodies. Eeeek. I just can’t win!


11 Responses to “He’s a big boy”

  1. Goblin Says:

    Haha, he’ll probably get a massive ego boost if he found out and crow about it for weeks. Good luck finding positions!

  2. callith Says:

    Thanks! Do you know of any websites I can check out for positions??? LOL

  3. Lee Doyle Says:

    Can I ask a question… How big is he? Not that I really wish to think about it but I would like to know from honest person such as yourself.

  4. callith Says:

    I’ll measure him tomorrow… lol. He’s really big. Honestly. Umm… yeah. Long AND thick.

    It’s great as a lolly!

  5. Lee Says:

    Haha… How gay can I get… I cant believe I am asking you to do this…

    But its not in a gay way… i swear… Its more to see if these girls were lying to me 😦

    Also, in your opinion….. What is Big, medium, small, and Too Big? (With the too big be reasonable… no stupid answers like 2 foot… Unless your really really tall.. are you?)

  6. Lee Says:

    Well… Ive been waiting all this time.

    I need to know… I need to know what is big, small… normal…

    I never ever.. ever thought I would be asking this… What have you done to me?

  7. callith Says:

    Um. I asked him on Saturday. He said “8″. I said “No, it can’t be, that’s too small.” He just smiled.

    Thinking back, perhaps he meant 8″ and not 8cms!

    And I could almost believe that. Perhaps it’s 7″?

    But it’s also very thick, so we can only use certain condoms.

    Lee, I corrupted you! That’s what!! lol

  8. Lee Says:

    Thank god for that. I was getting really worried there…. Not that I am going to give you my size though.

    I would not know about the condom problems though….

    You have corrupted me… you need some type of disclaimer for this website…

  9. callith Says:

    He he he he.

    I’m glad you feel better, Lee. To be honest, I do prefer a smaller penis. It’s more comfortable.

    But I guess I should be glad that this (too big) penis comes attached to a fantastic guy, hey?

  10. SoupNumber5 Says:

    Whoa… What did I stumble upon?

  11. callith Says:

    LOL @ SoupNumber5

    You should’ve read My Disclaimer!

    I tried making it BIG and BOLD, but only succeeded in the former. Well, sort of.

    I’ll try again!

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