On being racialicious


A friend of mine introduced me to Racialicious, a website devoted to debunking myths about race and, in some instances, about sexuality.

Now, Toby always used to claim “I’m not racist, I’m dating a coloured girl!”. At some stage even I believed it. Slap me! So reading this article once again made me very grateful for pulling the plug on him. Yes, I’m racist. I’ll be the first person to admit it. What I dislike intensely, is when people claim they’re not. Admitting you have a problem is the first step towards recovery, right? But I think many people do not really want to recover. It’s nice, I know from personal experience, to sit with a friend who shares your hue and view, and expound on all the minor (or major) differences between the races.

Hell, I frequent a very South African website called Bruin-ou.com and you should see some of the comments!

So, what does this make me? I refuse to date coloured boys. I do not find them very attractive. I do not see myself with one, ever. Eeek. Is admitting that one is racist, enough? Should I try to find a cure for myself? Is there a cure?

Let me count the ways I do not want to date my own race:

  • Um
  • Most of them – I have yet to meet some who do not fall into this category – are blerrie religious
  • They’re not cut in the right way. You know…
  • They themselves (gross generalisation, I know) would never dare/care to date outside of their race
  • They speak “like dis”. Well, most of them, anyway. The ones who don’t, mangle Afrikaans, so I just can’t win
  • They think Gatsbys are part of haute cuisine

These are all (except for the religious one) very superficial, shallow, narrow minded fears. I’m sure I could over my initial repulsion in the same way I got over Victor’s hairy back and dodgy teeth… But the religious thingy magick… Like, woof, bru.


5 Responses to “On being racialicious”

  1. Goblin Says:

    There are some good looking coloured boys. I dated a yummy one back in high school – delicious rugby player. I do know a couple like you’re talking about though. One of them recently took a girl out on a “fancy” date to McD’s. I laughed so hard when he told me

  2. callith Says:

    It’s not even just that. Hell, I could work with someone who takes me to McD’s!! Yes, there are handsome ones about. But looks are not as important to me, really.

    It’s about the questions I ask myself: can I have a conversation with him? What can he teach me? Will we have heated arguments about Dog?

    I don’t want that.

  3. Lee Doyle Says:

    Well, I love to speak my mind but I would be killed if I wrote that…

    I agree, but cant comment much as if one of my ex’s found out they would get all the coloured guys they know to string me up… plus I live in a area which is full of coloured people… Plus.. I don’t have the guts.

    Your blog gets better everyday…. Go girl..

    Its funny though, if a coloured person said they have a problem with white people its ok… but we cant…

  4. You can mail me, Lee!! Besides, there’s nothing wrong with speaking your mind. I promise I won’t kill you.

  5. […] and gave me R800 to help me. Yes, he wanted to shag me, but it didn’t happen. Remember I said I don’t do coloured guys? I never heard from him […]

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