Monday, bloody Monday


I had one of the most horrible days yesterday. After our fight on Sunday, I wasn’t too sure if he’s still angry with me, and if he still wants to pursue whatever it is we’ve got. I spent the entire day bitching to my friends, with them asking me incredulously “He did WHAT!!” or “Oh my god, he actually allowed that!?” and feeling rather sad for myself.

Constantly I would remember the episode with Nick. We had a rather tumultuous time, Nick and I. I don’t think he was ready for a relationship, but he gave it a shot nonetheless. Not for very long, actually, because I became rather … weird. I started saying and doing things I now regret. Hell, I regretted them as soon as they occurred! He was the first guy I had to pressure into sleeping with me. We didn’t have a lot in common, or an awful lot to talk about.

I remember one evening in intense detail: he drove me back after another nice date and parked outside my block. No attempt at kissing me followed, so I leaned in for a kiss. All I got was a lousy little hug. Feeling very disorientated, I made my way out of his bakkie but not before he wants to know which apartment is mine. Imagining myself to be one of the old-fashioned heroines, I flung the door open, shouted “that’s something you do not need to know!”, and ran to the front gate. Is it any surprise I didn’t see him again for a long, long, long time? And then only once he had become my new boss?

I thought Nick was amazing, but realised we’re not as compatible as I first thought we were. However, that didn’t stop me from becoming quite obsessed with him.

So, yesterday, I had visions of me becoming as obsessed with Victor. Not hearing anything from him sent my mind spinning.  I imagined him hanging out at that little restaurant we went to yesterday, chatting up the very exotic looking coloured waitress, asking her questions about her upbringing and her fancy English accent.

He wasn’t online at all, and, I suppose, had very little airtime – it’s that time of the month, folks.

So I’m sure you can understand just how happy I was when – lo and behold! – I receive an sms from him at 8:03pm. Over the moon doesn’t quite convey just how ecstatic I am! Yes, this is the same girl who earlier today discussed why Victor is would make a lousy partner/boyfriend/husband/spouse.   I promise I have not been abducted by some random alien infested spaceship. Or not yet!


3 Responses to “Monday, bloody Monday”

  1. Goblin Says:

    Ah man, I hate those moments of regretting what you’ve said. Just remember the stupid things they’ve said 😛

    Awesome that he finally smsed! I would have kicked his ass for leaving it so late though 😉

  2. callith Says:

    Oh man! I *am* indeed upset that he didn’t even try to contact me yesterday… it’s not as though he’s cut off from the interwebs.

    But anyway. I’m just glad that everything’s back to normal (sort of).

  3. Lee Doyle Says:

    I’m going through a breakup at the moment so I understand, one moment you hate them, next your dieing for them to call…

    I sit there saying “I’ll not call her” while I am dialing her number on my phone….

    I hate it, live is a disease… But most the time I like it… Maybe a (Bad)drug is a better word

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