I heart female orgasm


My mom was and is still pretty progressive for her age and her proclivity for going to church. She’s told me many times how she would have wanted to become an escort if she had been brave enough. She’s also in favour of abortion. However, when it came to discussing sex with her, I was always too shy. I figured I knew everything I had to know about it. She did, in fact, give me a proper schooling in what to do should a boy want to touch me there. I knew babies are nestled in their mommy’s womb. I knew one could get AIDS from unprotected sex. I was covered, or so I thought.

Our physical education teacher showed us a very gruesome video in which a woman was giving birth and they had to cut into her perineum. I could be wrong, of course, but I distinctly remember them cutting… that was the extent of our physical education on our bodies in high school, from what I can remember.

I didn’t have Biology in Standard eight and for most of Standard nine, so I can’t comment on what they were taught. When Science became too tough, I switched over to Biology, but that was in the final term of Standard nine.

I also never masturbated when I was growing up. Or, I thought I did. But I would just stroke the labia’s outer lips, never really venturing inside, to my clit.

I would sometimes watch Blue movies and get turned on, but not know what to do with myself and I didn’t know where in my body I’m turned on.

Why do we neglect the clit so very much? Yes, I knew I had one, but I never knew that the clit is responsible only for intense pleasure. I never knew where to locate it. In fact, I never really saw mine until some months ago. I know, it’s sad. I was … ashamed, I think. I thought it looks slightly off-putting, never mind that all men love it. But I’m not alone! There are many, many other women who don’t masturbate. We don’t necessarily think it is a shameful deed; some of us could just not be bothered, and we’ve got boyfriends who insist on going down on us, so why should we look down there?

I read an amazing book at my local bookstore last night: I heart female orgasm. That book once again confirmed most of what I’ve read on the female orgasm: not everyone is sure they’ve had one; you don’t necessarily know that you’ve had one and not everyone’s orgasm is as strong as they are in the movies.

Goes to show, hey? Don’t believe everything you see on YouTube. It seems many women call their orgasms Mini-O’s because they think “Surely this can’t be it?” They then carry on for however long, thinking that one day, they’ll hit the big O, when actually, they already have.

Scary? Ask your girlfriend honestly if she’s ever had an orgasm. It isn’t as straight-forward as it may seem.


3 Responses to “I heart female orgasm”

  1. expensivemistakescheapthrills Says:

    i know what you mean…

    i also had never had an orgasm during sex (i’ve always faked it) until my boyfriend stroked my clit during sex the other day. it wasnt a the MASSIVE O but it was very pleasurable.

    i’d always faked it and wondered if there was something wrong with me….but apparently not…

    that’s not to say i dont enjoy sex, but i’ve just never had that earth-shattering-oh-my-god-movie-orgasm.

    who really has??

  2. callith Says:

    I started playing around with my vibrator on Sunday while having some fab phone sex with Victor.

    My legs started twitching … it was very pleasurable but … is that it?? Could this be what everyone raves about?

  3. harrymete Says:

    Try the A spot orgasm. The A spot is 3-4 inches on the front wall of the vagina. First you “train it” to orgasm with your middle finger, then you have sex.

    Harry Mete

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