Are there any tech-boffins out there?


Is there anyone out there who could help me to insert the cute Amatomu ribbon onto my WordPress blog? Anyone? I’ve tried, and failed a number of times. I don’t boast much, but I think this time it’s well deserved: my blog is number 290 on Amatomu! I would love to share (read: gloat) this with everyone.

So, if you’re a Tech-boffin, please shoot me a mail at tarahsweeney at yahoo dot com to explain how one can do it.


4 Responses to “Are there any tech-boffins out there?”

  1. I shot you a little love letter, darlin’. 😉

  2. callith Says:

    Thanks, darling. I got it!

  3. Lee Doyle Says:

    did ya do it?

  4. callith Says:

    It’s not working… no matter how hard I try. Eeek.

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