The other woman – starring me!


Gareth called me some weeks ago. I was surprised to hear from him again. We haven’t really been in contact and he rarely responds to my sms’s.

I was in Exclusive Books, reading some material on How to tame one’s man, or something like that. He phoned me and I accepted the call, wondering what he could possibly want to talk about.

It seems he got cheated on by his by now ex-girlfriend. He sounded all teary and I almost felt sad for him. This is the guy I thought was so perfect for me. We spoke for over half an hour, which is funny, considering he didn’t even try to tempt me into visiting him at his flat during the entire conversation. He seemed genuinely sad about his ex-girlfriend’s cheating ways.

Which made me wonder: should I change my ways? What amount of bad Karma am I getting by cheating with other womens’ husbands, boyfriends? Why do I not feel as guilty as I should? Am I destined to always be the other woman?

I don’t want to, that’s for sure. Gareth even told me to stop doing what I’m doing. Not that I’m doing much, actually! Well, I plan to, but don’t always follow through. Besides, emotional cheating is actually as bad as physical cheating. That’s why I broke it off with Toby. He was cheating on me, even though it was emotionally. I found pictures and emails and sleazy Facebook messages all the time. True, I shouldn’t have been snooping, but … I was suspicious. Where there’s smoke…

My problem is that I like being bad/naughty/evil. And I condone infidelity, as long as you don’t get caught. But a small part of me wants to be faithful to Victor. Fuck, I’m getting old.


3 Responses to “The other woman – starring me!”

  1. leedoyle Says:

    True, but it does get you!!!! Karma is all i believe in and it never got me till awhile ago… the girl i cheated with and lived with for close to 2 years now just left me… bitch

    I have never been left in my life! Never been single since i was 15ish and never been on my own….

    Now its all come back to get me and it keeps getting worse…

    watch out,

    I wrote this poem which i have not posted about it. Its not the best… But if you understand it you may follow.

    Trust me not, for I never knew,
    Trust me now, for I know you,
    Trust me less, for I still learn,
    Trust me please, for I need you,

    I trust you more, then you can ever know,
    I trust you with me, for I have nothing left,
    I trust you now, please don’t be like me…

  2. callith Says:

    Why do you call *HER* the bitch, Lee?? Surely you are one because you cheated on her.

    Did she leave cause she found out about your infidelity? If so, good. If not, then she was probably going to leave anyway.

  3. […] but not much: his relationship status bothered me. For a change, I didn’t want to be the other woman. So I never responded. He persisted, though. But then he gave up. Or so it […]

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