my feet are cold


It’s the year of living dangerously, 2008. This was the year I reckoned I will attend my first swinger’s event, have anal sex, have my first orgasm, hold onto my job, have wild lesbian sex and seduce a cute 19-year-old German guy.

He contacted me a while back, asking if I could put him up for a couple of days, or for as long as I could (I’m a member of GlobalFreeloaders). I wrote back, saying that I don’t mind, however, I no longer stay in the 2-bedroomed apartment; I moved into a much smaller apartment, further away from that old neighbourhood.

We met yesterday to decide if I could trust him enough to let him stay here. He seemed rather sweet on the phone and in the email he wrote some weeks back. He even offered to clean my flat and buy food in exchange for a place to stay! Cute.

I planned to let him stay here until next Sunday or so, which is when Victor will be back from the big, bad bush. I figured if he’s any good in bed, I might let him stay until Tuesday…

Until this morning, I thought it’s a good idea. Then I reconsidered. And I decided it would be very wrong of me to do something like this. Even if nothing happens, he is indeed a very attractive young boytjie and I would be very, very, very tempted to do unspeakable things to him.

So here I am, dodging his calls, ignoring the buzzer and stuck inside my apartment like the hermit that I am. Sometimes guys can be so thick. Surely he should understand by now that I got cold feet?


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