surprise, surprise


The guy who responded to my ad to have a drink at a well-known bar turned out to be more in love with himself than with me or my friend. We met up and he was trying to impress (or bore) us with his inane conversation about his ex-girlfriend, his myriad businesses and kept playing with his phone throughout the two hours we spent together.

He phoned me a couple of times thereafter, hoping to see me again. Alas, I wasn’t sure if I should: he didn’t even offer to pay for our drinks that evening! That’s just not on.

So when he phoned me yesterday I didn’t expect he would pull through with the date (non-date, actually), and agreed to meet him at restaurant at the Waterfront.

I had such fun with him and his cousin(s)! I was surprised at just how likable this guy had become all of a sudden… He even paid for my drink. He even listened to me speak about myself!

I don’t think anything much will happen (I played the lesbian card a couple of times throughout the evening …), but have added him to my MyFace list and thanked him for a great evening out. I shall keep you updated!


4 Responses to “surprise, surprise”

  1. George Says:

    You are fab and i am sorry i let you down.

  2. expensivemistakescheapthrills Says:

    the lesbian card never seems to work.

    cant wait to hear how this develops…

  3. Richard Says:

    So when do I get the hounour?

  4. callith Says:

    lol @ richard. you’re too young, love. i’m a granny compared to you. lmao

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