I pledge my allegiance


“I hate men, they’re so fickle” I told Malcolm. “Now, why ever do you say that? We’re not fickle, you just attract losers.” I was shocked! How dare he say something so nasty… “You know, what, Malcolm? I think I agree with you”

And with that, I decided not to worry about Victor, for he must be a loser. I knew he would be online later that evening (this is last night) so I thanked Malcolm in my Gchat status bar.

When Victor eventually came online, he saw my note to Malcolm, never mind that I don’t have Malcolm on my Gchat list… I’m crazy, I know! He wanted to know who this person is, and why I’m thanking him.

“He gave me a bj and I had to thank the poor guy…” I said. “Did you really give a guy a blow job tonight?” he wants to know, quite distressed. I laugh it off, I mean, surely he should know by now I’m joking? Or not? Then again, we had some pretty intense phone sex just before we started chatting on Gchat, so it’s possible that he was feeling slightly fragile.

We ended up having a 4-hour conversation on Gchat about sex, philosophy, ideas, more sex, relationships, analysing everything from the I Ching to Zulu (I jest!).

I think he fell for me. BIG time. I’m not quite sure what was the cause of his Taritis. It must’ve been my smile. So we decided, or rather, I decided that I will be faithful to him, or at least until he returns from the big, bad bush. We’re both still a little indecisive about what exactly we’ve got going on, but I think we’re closer (to realising it) than what we were just a couple of days back. Yes, I still want to shag other guys. Yes, I’m sure he also want to shag other girls. But I think we’ve got something special going on for us. And all the other things do not even bother me as much as I know they should: teeth, hairy back, his living far away from me, his smoking. I’m shallow for even mentioning them, I know, but a girl’s got to have her standards.


2 Responses to “I pledge my allegiance”

  1. Leigh Anne Says:

    Good girl!

    All the other stuff can be fixed… Dentists are there to fix teeth, beauticians can was and he can move!

    The smoking… Well, let the man have at least one vice!

  2. callith Says:

    You know what, you’re damn right! I didn’t see it like that, though he does want to quit. We’ll see. lol

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