Even slackers deserve another chance


Oh god, I’m so scared to go back to work. I keep envisioning what will happen: “Tarah, could you please join us in the boardroom?”, or “What are you doing back here, you should not have bothered to come back to work, you know?” or “Piss off, you lazy cow.”

Fine, the last one is a bit of an over-exaggeration and I should really get ready now. Besides, they can’t just fire me on the spot for being a slacker. They would have to conduct (even just a small, informal ) inquiry into the matter of me not performing as well as I should be. I blame it on the damn festive season… my slacking off.

Christ. Wish me luck.


3 Responses to “Even slackers deserve another chance”

  1. Leigh Anne Says:

    Oh you.

    As if they could fire the most amazing talent ever to cross their doorway…

    They are lucky to have you! They should be more worried about you deciding to bugger off and go somewhere else.

    I was going to end off with a quote from Shakespeare before I realised how pretentious that would sound. So ja, meisie. Chin up, smile, and remember, they are lucky to have you!

  2. callith Says:

    Hey girlie.

    Well,today was fine. Stalin gave me a peck on the cheek and wished me “Happy New Year’s”. Bwahahaha.

    I could do a lot better at work… It shall be my goal for 2008. That and an increase!


  3. callith Says:

    I suppose I got my second chance from God. I’m still here. Whoot!

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