Just seven more!


A short while back, I gave ten reasons why I love being single. Well, I can think of a couple more.

  1. My Bookmarks on my laptop are all mine (silly reason, true)
  2. I can stay up as late as I want to at night. I can read until 2am or type up a storm until 3am and no one will complain!
  3. My iPod has all my favourite tunes, not his.
  4. I can drink wine at 12pm and no one will care. I’m sure no one will care anyway, but he once called me an alcoholic. It stung…
  5. I can download as much Nina Simone and Karyn White as I please
  6. My apartment has become a lot girlier … there’s a dress hanging on the wall … there’s a handbag hanging on the other wall …
  7. My food lasts me longer

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