it’s soppy love song time, folks!


I have such fond memories from singing this song back in the early nineties with my girlfriends! Now, this is the first time I see the music video. Jam Alley would probably not have played this, or would they have? Perhaps. Those were the days, my friend!

Those were also the days before we got to realise just how unreliable men truly are. Gone is our innocence. Back then, we mouthed the lyrics, not knowing what it meant. Back then, I thought it was a mommy singing the words to her baby daughter. Ha! I was so silly, so naive, so .. What does it say of me at 25? Why do I allow myself to feel this bitter?

Should we stop listening to such soppy love songs? It feels so good to listen to music like this, though. Should I instead listen to music created by angry white men? I think I’ll watch this youtube video a couple more times, and then relegate it to the back of my mind, to the same place where I keep my hopes of ever meeting a guy who is reliable, honest and sexy, all at the same time.


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