ex-sex, sex-ex


As I’ve been intensely horny ALL day long, I started sending Victor these really raunchy sms’s earlier today. I only succeeding in getting him hornier than what he was to start off with. And that’s bad; he’s very far away from me and could just decide that girl who’s serving his food looks pretty juicy herself, and shag her…

Anyway. The point of this story is how horny I was/still am, damn it, today. I shaved two days in a row, in anticipation of some action today. Alas, it didn’t happen. Got cancelled on at the fucking last minute. I couldn’t find my vibrator and had to … do without it.

I was thinking of calling my ex.

Or, rather, one of my exes, for some hot, late Sunday afternoon nookie. hmmm. Me wish I did it.. it could only have been .. rather intense. Poor Victor. Or, no, poor me, damn it.


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