Victor’s wall


I nearly freaked out I freaked out a couple of days ago. Methinks we I put too much faith into MyFace. Some days ago I wrote about how I plan to write on his wall. Well, I did so and the bastard deleted the message the very next morning! How dare he! That’s just not done. I would never delete someone’s message from my wall. Well, only under certain circumstances, I would. I didn’t even say anything remotely vulgar/revealing/dirty. I just said “Hey, sexy boy. Mwah, mwah, mwah”. Now, how is that bad?

Oh fuck, I’m obsessing. I should really stop it. Concentrate on other worthy causes. Buy more books, read more books, blogs, and magazines. Shag some other guys.

I could’ve done so some nights ago… But I didn’t feel it’d be the right thing to do. Besides, all the guys there were younger than me.

So he told me it is nothing personal. He just doesn’t want everyone to know too much about him. That makes no sense whatsoever. Well, whatever. Then I’ll just send him a kinky public gift… hahahahaah. Or, perhaps not. He might just delete that as well and why would I want to waste some of my very precious MyFace gift credits on someone who deletes my wall posting?

I decided that I shall not waste my 8 remaining credits on someone who deletes my message off his wall. I sent him another message instead. Something along the lines of “…anyway. Have yourself a fab weekend. I’m gonna go to yet another partay tonight! Mwah”. Let’s see how long this one lasts. And even if he removes it, everyone will see it. Or, all of his friends, girlfriends (god knows how many he has…) and ex-lovers will see it and wonder who is this cute little girl on his wall. Hahahahaah.

So by the time he deletes it, I would have caused him a bit of trouble. That’s to say if he plans to keep me hidden away…


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