Playas and playing games


A girl can never have too many suitors, so this one decided to put a post on a well-known site to find someone to have a drink with a couple of nights ago. Well, it was supposed to be me and a friend who were going to have a drink at a fancy bar. But it’s boring going there by ourselves, especially as I’ve become slightly bored of this friend’s conversation… So I decided to call in a helper or two.

The ad may have been very ambiguous in meaning, for most of the men replied with “Oh, so what type of professionals are you?” That was not really my intention, but we are indeed professional ladies, just not the exact type these guys were envisioning.

After 4876 responses, I decided on two guys who sounded slightly more mature and one of these two could possibly be best described as a playa, which is fine by me. We’ll meet in a public place, right? We’re big girls (not just age-wise) and can certainly fend for ourselves. What’s more, this oke could give us unrestricted access to all the best clubs in town…

So. Where was I? Oh right. The one who got away. Or rather, the one who was so very vague about his plans for tomorrow? He sent me an sms (instant no-no – you should call, not send sms’s!) and described his plans to consume a bottle of Diemersdal Pinotage chocolate/vanilla/coffee and wanted me to help him with it. Well, me and my friend, that is. While it’s one of the better replies I had received this entire evening (compare it to “where is da place wr u wana meet, im ****** 42 6v4 tall and a businessman”), I just couldn’t stand up the two guys I had already said yes to. That would have been decidedly rude of me!

So I let him know that I would be free tomorrow, and could he please call me instead of sending sms’s? What’s the point in playing games? He responded by saying how busy he is… Oy vey. And five minutes later, he admits that actually, he’ll only be busy tomorrow night, not tomorrow afternoon.

I’m so over playing games, especially with people I might never meet. If I’m not busy, why let someone think I am? So that I can feel better about myself or so that he/she/they/it will think “Oh, wow, this lady is such a busy bee!” Nah. That’s not my style. Though, perhaps I should adopt it more often. It seems men like women who are constantly unavailable.


3 Responses to “Playas and playing games”

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  2. mistyjade Says:

    OMG I could never do that I’m a Perpetual Chicken and I’d be certain that I would be an Ax Murder Victim!

  3. callith Says:

    Really, mistyjade?? It was fun sifting through all the guys and their st00pid sms’s. I was in control. I’d love to do it again…

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