An open letter to Victor


Môre skat!

This is just a quick note to you, just to let you in on a couple of my secret thoughts. I hope you won’t mind too much.

I told you many times how evil I am. Please take note, I really am evil. I think only of myself, well, I mostly think only of myself. I love money, I love malls, I love certain labels. I have done things I am ashamed of and I would never want you to know of it. I do not have a criminal record, but that’s because I got lucky and because I’m a pretty girl. And I got caught for something very silly that day… not nearly as bad as the rest of the stuff …

Those days are over, but I’m afraid I might want to do those things again. And get into even bigger shit.

Though I have many acquaintances, I do not have many friends. Which means that I get lonely at times. Which could mean that I might become clingy. It is a possibility, you know? Before this turns into anything meaningful, I need to warn you, put you off if needed.

There are also many men in my life. I left out a couple in last week’s post… I would have difficulty in letting go of some of them, even if they think it’s best to give me some space. Can you understand that? I love their company… and other things, too. Perhaps I’m not yet ready for a relationship with you, my angel. What’s more, I am a material girl who used to have a couple of sugar daddies. Not all at once… Can you provide for me?

Yes, I am capable of buying my own pretty dresses, shoes, et cetera, but I would dearly love it if you could spoil me with pretty, glittery things on the odd occasion. Hell, some jewellery stores would allow you to pay something off over a couple of months.

my engagement ring

My engagement ring would need to be at least colour G, 1ct, white gold diamond ring, though I would far prefer a colour F. I’m willing to compromise, of course. You might prefer to buy me Tanzanite instead, and I will most certainly not complain.

So, now that you know me a bit better, do you still like me?


4 Responses to “An open letter to Victor”

  1. sheena23 Says:

    Hiya Tara,

    Great blog – I’ll be back. Good luck with Victor, he sounds like a character and a half!

  2. callith Says:

    Hi Sheena23 and Thank you! We’ll see how he pans out..

  3. Richard Says:

    Good to be honest from the start… 😛

  4. callith Says:

    ha! i made the mistake of mentioning something about this blog today. he is worried i’ll mention his real name. seems his dad googles him! hahaha

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