Beef, and how to eat it.


Victor is, as I’ve expounded many times, a great guy. He’s only human, though, so I do have some problems with him. Not many, especially as we aren’t really a couple yet (Emphasis on yet, please).

The only beef I have with him, would be his uncommunicative ways. This is a recent occurrence and I am sure it may have something to do with the fact that

  1. We had great, amazing, fantastic, wonderful sex and now he’s had his fill of me
  2. He’s scared
  3. I asked him to take me to my parents seeing that we were in the area. He immediately thought it is a meeting the parents scenario and started chain-smoking
  4. He is just not that much into me
  5. I am constantly looking at baby toys and clothing. This is not because I’m broody, but because my sister has a one-month old baby and I’m the only antie who can afford to buy her anything.
  6. He’s scared
  7. He is afraid of commitment, though I am not putting any pressure on him
  8. I told him that I quite like him
  9. He is just not that much into me
  10. He’s scared

So. What’s it to be? Je ne sais pas. I’d like it to be that he is afraid. I can deal with that. Or I’ll try. All I want, is that he calls me on the odd occasion (once a day shouldn’t be too difficult, methinks).

I mean, eish, it’s not as though I’m asking him to wax his back, though that would be a damn good idea… I actually know of a very reputable men’s salon here in De Waterkant that I can take him to. Though perhaps I should wait until such time that I know he isn’t scared and I know he is actually into me and I know he is not afraid of commitment.

And then I shall dig my evil claws into his back!


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