How do you know Victor?


Though I’m not officially in a relationship, I do feel the occasional need to mark my territory, so to speak. It’s not as easy to do, though, as we still need to define the relationship.

I thought of writing on his wall first, followed by sending public gifts and then smothering him with constant messages, proclaiming my undying love… I shouldn’t do that, you say? Oh. Fine, I won’t, then. As an aside, the wall I’m referring to, is not his flat’s wall, it is his Facebook wall, which is a lot more public than that of his flat. All his friends, ex-lovers, hot female friends can see it. Well, those who are on his friends list, anyway.

Perhaps I could send him a friend detail request, which would prompt him to clearly define the relationship. What relationship, you ask? You’ve known him for three weeks at most. Fine, then. I won’t.

At what stage is it acceptable to start defining a relationship? After you’ve had sex, after the first pregnancy scare, or is it okay to acknowledge that you are more than just friends after you took him to your parents’ house? If the answer is yes to any of those three possibilities, then I think me and Victor should have a long chat… or three.

All my friends (or those who count) know about him. They see me glowing, they are inundated with TMI (Too much information) about Victor, they know how … he is. Yes, I know, that isn’t always TMI, especially not amongst 20-odd year old girls.

I don’t know. I’ll just play it by ear, as he is wont to say.


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