How to touch oneself


Shaving used to be something that other girls do. Shaving down there, that is. I subscribed to the theory that men like it natural, which is perhaps not too far off the marker, though I never realised just why other girls shave.

My theory is that they do not shave for their men, they shave for themselves. Earlier on tonight, I participated in some saucy online chatting with my current man. I will refrain from calling him my current shag, as he is too sweet and intelligent to box like that. So, we were chatting, and I casually mentioned that I’m wearing panties and that I shaved. He got all excited just thinking about that (I’m not a lover of panties, really), and I got excited at the thought of him getting all excited.

My excitedness carried on until after the conversation died a natural death: he had to get ready for a flight tomorrow, and I became a bit tired and sleepy. But still excited…

I then did something I have not done for a long time. There was no-one urging me to do it. I was calm. I was in the mood. I started to enjoy it, though not immediately. I had to play around to see what is most favourable and had a lot of lube to help me should I need any. The earth did not shake, mountains did not crumble, but I think I’m getting closer to that big O. The big, unattainable O that everyone gasps about.

Next time, I shall wear some sexy panties, play some soft romantic music in the background, and drink some of my fancy Merlot 2004 I have in the cupboard.


2 Responses to “How to touch oneself”

  1. smeeagain Says:

    Gently, soft touches, candles, lube works, remember your whole body needs stimulation. not just down there. The most powerful erotic part of you is your brain.

    Get a video, get some lube and a massager. Enjoy

  2. Richard Says:

    Your honesty refreshes me!

    From my (limited) experience in the matter, you’re certainly on the right track. Some females have a super, simple easy time coming to orgasm, and others need to feel 100% at ease and safe when they do.

    The secret I’d suggest you try is to just make yourself as comfortable with the situation as you possibly can be – make yourself feel safe and undiscoverable when you try… perhaps the results will surprise even you.

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