Why I’m feeling great tonight


Some weeks back, I promised myself I will guard my heart the way virgins guard their virginity: with my life. Well, I guess I make a lousy lifeguard, because I managed to fall in love ever so quickly.

All it took, was meeting someone outspoken, sweet, intelligent, attractive (to me), kind, et cetera. The chemistry between us is enough to make any scientist happy (corny joke, I’m sorry) and we can talk and argue for hours at end about important and other, seemingly unimportant things.

Am I upset over this course of events that is unfolding? Perhaps a little. I was not expecting to meet someone like him. It could be that I was expecting to meet a jock-type or some down and out loser. Bear with me, I know I sound all gushy… I’m not normally like this, I promise. Expect death, gore, blood, heartache, anger, rage, et cetera in my blog henceforth. Except today, for I am officially in love! Wow (for lack of a more apt word). I feel great. We’ll see how long this feeling of being in love/lust lasts. It might not be long, for there is another cute guy I have my eye on, though I won’t be seeing him for a full week or possibly two weeks.

So, faithful reader. Bear with me on this wonderful journey and we shall see if anything comes of this budding relationship. If nothing else, this blog might give you some interesting fodder for your dinner-table conversation for the next couple of weeks!


2 Responses to “Why I’m feeling great tonight”

  1. Richard Says:

    I don’t want to read forward before I comment here – you sound so incredibly happy! I absolutely adore the feeling of first falling in love! There is nothing sweeter!

    I truly hope you and your new found love work out! Keep us posted!

  2. callith Says:

    Oh, you’re such a sweetie! I promise to keep you in the loop, Richard.

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